Food Pairing with Italian Wines

We all know something about Italian food and many of us have tasted and enjoyed Italian what's the big deal?

This website will help you discover more about the regional nuances in Italian food and wine and show you how to enjoy wining and dining (and cooking) Italian style.

I like to learn by looking at images, and I hope include some images on this site as well to help you learn. For example I have made some pinboards.  You might like to check out and interact with his one on Umbria or this one on the wines of Sicily

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What is Italian Food?

At first this seems like a silly question. The obvious answers that spring to mind are Pizza, Pasta and Tomato based sauces.

But Italy is a strongly regional country. This is reflected in the styles of food and wine which each region proudly maintains and promotes.

Sure, there are common themes throughout the peninsula and its islands, but the differences are profound. So much so that you could argue that there is no such thing as authentic Italian cuisine. I think that at least we should say "authentic Italian cuisines." Note the plural.

Similarly it isn't very useful to ask

Do you like Italian wine?

There are so many Italian wines there just has to be some you like and others you would not try twice. That's certainly my experience.

It is pointless making generalisations about Italian food and wine. We need to learn about the food and wine in the Italian regions and this website will be your armchair traveller's guide. But you can get a deeper experience by going to Italian restaurants, buying Italian wine, cooking your own Italian style meals and of course travelling to Italy to see and taste it all in context.

You can explore more about Italian food, recipes, ingredients and regions via the navigation bar at the left, or maybe get started by looking at this Regional Foods Infographic

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