About Italy Food Wine Pairing

This site is designed to help you get maximum enjoyment out of Italian wine and food.

It is written by Darby Higgs, a Melbourne based wine enthusiast and writer. More about Darby

The site will include information about Food, Wine and Italy, obviously. A major theme is atht although Italy is a political entity the culture, especailly as it is expressed through its cuisine and wine is quite varied. So you need to get down to the regional level, at least, if you are to get beyond the stereotypical level of Italy producing just Pinot Grigio, Chianti and Pizza.

But don't worry learning about wine can food can be fun. Even if you can't visit Italy you can still enjoy its culinary and vinous traditions just about anywhere in the world.

So check out the website. Enjoy the ride. Link up via Twitter to see how our journey unfolds.

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