Italian Themed Wine Blogs

Do you have a blog or a frequently updated website dealing mainly with Italian wine and food?

Would you like more readership for your blog  

Well, here is a little cooperative effort you may wish to join.

I have set up an Pinboard called Blogs about Italian Wine. See

If you don't know what Pinterest or a Pinboard is, don't worry. It's not hard to learn. Maybe you can think of it as a more visual form of Facebook, but I believe it has the power to greatly assist people spreading a message about wine and food - both have visual and social aspects and Pinterest is the quintessentially visual social medium.

The idea of an open Pinboard is that many pinners (contributors) can join in.

OK I know that Pinterest is one social medium channel and Blogs are another, but the point is that there are winelovers who are out there who use just one or another social medium channel... but they all need to see YOUR stuff, right?

You can join in this project if you have a blog which is mainly about Italian wine or perhaps Italian food with some content about wine.  If you have a website that is updated frequently you may join as well.

So here's what do you need to do.

Getting started

1 If you don't have a Pinterest account, get one.  It's easy, free and fun.

2. If you do have an account, then let me know you'd like an invitation to pin to by dropping me a short note via the contact form.

Then make it work

Whenever you make great new post about Italian wine with an image  on your blog then Pin it to the shared Blogs about Italian Wine board.

So your post will then be seen by the others on the board as well as the general public.  Those who are following the board will get an email about your post.

The result

More readers

 More comments

More engagement!

And that's the whole point about using Social Media

So contact me and get started

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